Lean Agile Scotland t-shirts

For a while now we have been working to make our events sustainable - removing participant bags and adjusting our conference menus are just two examples of changes we’ve made this year. And this led us to thinking about whether we should continue with participant t-shirts at Lean Agile Scotland.

It wasn’t as simple a question as we had initially thought, as we know the conference t-shirts are well-liked. But having worked to make other areas of the event production more sustainable we simply couldn’t justify continuing with them. The environmental impact of producing t-shirts in terms of resource usage and emissions would more than negate all the other efforts we are making, especially given that we believe most participants won’t wear their t-shirts anywhere near enough times to offset the environmental cost of making them. Not to mention leftover t-shirts that we end up with in order to ensure everyone is able to have one in the style/size/colour they want. 

And it’s not just a sustainability issue - we believe there are better uses we could put that money to in order to improve the conference experience. So this year, instead of providing t-shirts for everyone, we will be putting this money towards trialling live captioning. Much like our changes working towards sustainability, this is just a small step in the right direction to making our conferences more accessible to all and one we hope to be able to build on in the future.