The Lean Agile Scotland Community Evening was a free event on Tuesday 8th October, bringing together engaging minds, to share ideas and help generate new ones. 

It was an opportunity to be a part of the Lean Agile Scotland community, even if you couldn't make the full conference on the following days.

Sophie Dennis: What is strategy, and how is it agile?

Is strategy agile? After all, doesn't culture eat strategy for breakfast? Isn’t the strategy (just) delivery?

Peter Drucker once observed: “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all”. Strategy is how you avoid this. A sound strategy tells you where you are going, and sets out a high-level, achievable plan to get there. It’s how you make sure anyone can decide what the right things are to work on.

Yet bad strategy documents abound: massive tomes, years in the making, full of platitudes, unattainable visions, or uninspiring lists of mundane tactical objectives. Documents that sit in draws, routinely ignored. The antithesis of agile. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Using real-world examples, Sophie will show you:

  • the benefits of ‘good strategy’ and why it's essential to becoming truly agile
  • how to distinguish between vision, strategy and tactics
  • how to hit the ‘goldilocks point’ with strategy: not so visionary you fail the "yeah right" test, not so mundane you fail the "so what?” test

About Sophie

Sophie ia a strategic design consultant and coach. She helps organisations deliver better services by putting user needs at the heart of their digital strategy. After 15 years agency side, Sophie now works mainly as an embedded consultant within client organisations. She leads ambitious user research and discovery programmes, defines digital strategies for major public and third-sector organisations, and helps build high-performing teams able to deliver high-quality user-centred digital services at pace.

Romeu Moura: Bourdieu's Social Theory applied to tech

We oppress people a lot by accident. We should all care about not oppressing people. Bourdieu's Social Theory sheds a lot of light on why and how it all happens. This in turn may help you fight this day to day, or at least help you recognise when it happens and give you words to talk about this.

About Romeu

Endless conversation - with friends, compilers - on art, Symmathesy, methods, absurdism, dialectic, paradigm jumps, serendipity.

The agenda for the evening was:

18:00-18:20 Arrival, drinks, nibbles and chat

18:20-18:30 Welcome

18:30-19:00 Talk 1

19:00 -19:30 Talk 2

19:30-19:45 Wrapping up


The Community Evening was open to all and free to attend.